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Virtual Home Selling Blueprint

Thank you for requesting access to Own Sweet Home’s Virtual Home Selling Blueprint. This blueprint has SIX components that you can review:

Comprehensive video presentation – “7 Step Smart Move Program” (Scroll Down)

Virtual selling and marketing suite

Home-safe-home practices

A detailed guide to selling your home

Our virtual marketing centerpiece

Our FREE Services even before you list your home for sale

Get Top Dollars for Your Home When You Sell - 7 Step Smart Move Program

This Webinar is designed for motivated home sellers who want to net the highest price in any market for their home.

Virtual Selling and Marketing Suite

During the social distancing era, we have expanded our already existing technology suite to accomodate virtual selling and marketing.

Home Safe Home

We have reached a point where COVID-19 has impacted virtually every person one way or the other. Given the fact that many sellers still want to list their homes for sale and even more buyers want to buy, we have adapted a set of guidelines for the purpose of home showings as well as home marketing. 

Home Seller Guide

Everything you need to know about selling your home with experts at Own Sweet Home.

Marketing Centerpiece

Our virtual marketing centerpiece.

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Whether you are a first time home buyer, repeat buyer, seller who wants to know if they can buy a new home before selling current, or you want financing, We're here to help.

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